Top Rated Emergency Radio Review

Top Rated Emergency Radio Review

An emergency kit is vital especially when a disaster strikes. It should have first aid kit, medicines, canned or packed goods, water, and other survival tools. An emergency kit should also include an emergency radio.

Emergency radios have been essential for urgent situations. Standalone emergency radios are designed to receive AM and FM bands.

Emergency alerts from the government and other news stations are aired through AM frequencies, while FM bands are usually used for commercial and entertainment.

In times of calamity, networks and power often fail. However, the government, in collaboration with other organizations, have created ways to maintain the communication system and keep the public informed with current weather updates and safety instructions.

Definitely, an emergency radio is a must-have device that should never be excluded in the emergency kits. It is essential that everyone should own one.

Buying yourself one should not put a dent on your budget. There are several low-cost radios available in the market which are ideal for budget shoppers. There are also a lot of top rated emergency radios that can be purchased in average to high price.

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B007KFLVTM” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]American Red Cross FRX3[/easyazon_link] is among the bestselling emergency radio that has become the favorite of most emergency respondents and ordinary citizen just wanting to have a tool to use in case of emergency. It brags of several useful features that can be helpful in times of emergencies.

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  • The American Red Cross FRX3 can receive AM/FM band, as well as Weather band alerts.
  • NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) approved emergency radio, which means the radio can receive specific alerts from NOAA.
  • This emergency radio has a power bank feature that will allow you to charge your smartphones and other devices via USB connection.
  • The FRX3 is compatible with multiple power options. It can be used with rechargeable batteries, hand crank, solar powers, or with AAA batteries.
  • The radio has a LED flashlight that you can use as a light source; ideal especially when experiencing blackouts.
  • Comes with a red LED emergency beacon; an essential feature that can be used to make it easier for the rescue team to locate or search you.
  • The radio has an Auxiliary input to let you connect a headphone or other multimedia devices such as smartphones or tablets.
  • The radio has an LCD that shows current time, radio station, and battery status. It also has an alarm feature.
  • Responsive buttons for quicker access to on and off button, settings, and battery source.
  • This emergency radio comes in beautiful red design for aesthetic.


  • The radio can be powered in four ways: solar, batteries, hand crank, or directly to a power supply which means you do not have reason to lose accessibility to your emergency radio.
  • The radio can receive AM, FM and seven weather channels to keep you updated with the forecast and other public safety.
  • With this radio, you can charge your smartphone via USB connection, so you do not have to lose contact with your circle in emergency situations.
  • The LED flashlight will never leave you blind in the dark. It is ideal especially when experiencing brownouts.
  • With the auxiliary input, individuals with hearing impaired can connect earphones or headsets so they can clearly hear the news updates.
  • The radio has one red blinking light that functions as an emergency beacon.
  • The LCD is excellent at showing current streaming band, time, and battery status.
  • Easy to use radio; it has dedicated buttons for power, settings, and source of energy.
  • A top rated emergency radio, the FRX3 can be purchased at an average price.
  • Compact and portable, the radio has dimensions 6.9” by 5.8” by 2.6”. It also has a handle for easy carriage.
  • Modern and beautiful design, perfect for everyday use.


  • The radio comes only in red color. More options of colors could have been nicer.
  • The LED flashlight does not give a strong It can brighten up a particular area, but it could not give light as much as standalone flashlights do.
  • The radio is pretty sensitive with moist.
  • The radio cannot charge newer models of phones.
  • This emergency radio does not charge efficiently through hand cranking. You will need to crank it for five minutes to extend the battery life of 10 to 15 minutes only.


The American Red Cross FRX3 is an excellent emergency radio with useful and reliable features that you might just need in events of calamity. The features are not necessary, but they can be beneficial.

When a power supply fails, you can always use your radio by charging it up either by letting it stand in direct sunlight or by cranking it up. The LED lights, do not efficiently provide stable luminance, but are pretty efficient in providing enough brightness.

The red blinking light works cleverly which makes the radio a must-have device. In emergency situations, it is important to keep constant communication with your loved ones.

With this emergency radio, you never have to worry draining your phone’s battery. You can always charge it up by just connecting your phone to the radio via USB connection.


The C. Crane Pocket Weather Radio is an excellent substitute to the American Red Cross FRX3. The price of this radio is quite stiff, but the features and quality are worth buying for. This weather radio can receive AM/FM frequencies as well as NOAA weather alerts.

What makes this radio great is its portable size. It has dimensions of 2.5” by 1” by 4.2”, it’s handy, compact, and easy to carry. Don’t let the size trick you.  It may be tiny, but the features are huge.

It has a backlight, sleep timer, clock, and alarm function. Also, it runs on only two AA batteries. This radio has great sound (which you can hear through its speaker or a headphone via AUX in). The reception is excellent as well.


Should you buy the [easyazon_link identifier=”B007KFLVTM” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]American Red Cross FRX3[/easyazon_link]? Yes! Not only because the product is a necessity, but also because the radio has great features. The functionality, durability, along with its design are pretty smart.

The radio is well designed to keep you informed in times of catastrophes. When blackouts happen, you still can hear news and weather updates. When you need to contact someone, but your phone is dead, just connect your phone to the radio to power it up.

However, if the features of the FRX3 does not come up to your expectation, you can always choose other emergency radio products that can meet your standards.

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