Survival Instruments: Top 3 Best Waterproof Emergency Radio

Survival Instruments: Top 3 Best Waterproof Emergency Radio

Being in the wilderness is tough, especially when everything is against you! That includes the hardship, weather, time, and most importantly, the information!

Most of the time during calamities or just being lost in the wilderness will require basic things like food and water. When it comes to equipment, on the other hand, you must be prepared with a medium to recharge your phone, sources of light, and of course, information. Simply put, you need a waterproof emergency radio!

Waterproof Emergency Radios were created not only just as a waterproof radio, but also as a flashlight, a charging tool, and a Morse code signaling device, all packed in one tiny device!

A Waterproof Emergency Radio must pass through different terrains and weathers, and although it’s water-resistant, it must not be submerged in water for a long period of time.

If you are thinking about acquiring a Waterproof Emergency Radio, we will provide you the Top 3 Waterproof emergency Radio that might fit your needs!

Top 3 Waterproof Emergency Radio

Eton NSP101WXGR Scorpion II

As the first contender in our top 3 countdown, we would like to introduce Eton NSP101WXGR Scorpion II – a truly remarkable Emergency Radio. Below, are the list of its features.


  • Able to receive AM/FM and NOAA alerts to give you a heads-up on weather updates as well as keeping you entertained.
  • Offers digital tuning and display for precise reception and radio station tuning.
  • Provides a digital battery status for checking the remaining power.
  • Includes a super bright LED flashlight for twilight environments.
  • Provides 5V-1A USB output for smartphones and other electronic devices.
  • Contains a rechargeable 800 mAh lithium battery.
  • Offers a three-way power charge option: Wall socket, Solar energy, and Hand-crank.


  • Provides 9 minutes of battery life on two minutes of hand-cranking, which is almost above average.
  • Wall-socket charging time is great, and it takes only 4 hours to full charge.
  • Provides 12 hours of battery life, which is already above average for a standard emergency radio.
  • Speaker intensity offers 82.9 dB per meter, which is already okay, but not above average.
  • Water-resistant emergency radio.
  • Very affordable as an emergency radio.


  • The Eton Scorpion II is one of the best emergency radios; however, it is not entirely waterproof and is more classified as a Water-resistant Radio than a Waterproof Emergency radio.
  • The Eton Scorpion II lacks basic features, including a siren, a compass, and a Morse code beacon.

Epica WR-257 Emergency Hand Cranked Radio

As the second contender in our countdown, we are proud to present another seemingly waterproof emergency radio.


  • The radio has an antenna and a hand-crank included.
  • This emergency radio has rubberized housing and rubberized port covers to prevent water from seeping in.
  • It includes different types of ports, including a USB input/output, Micro B, and audio jacks.
  • Includes different alternatives in power sources, such as Solar, Hand-cranked, USB charging, or wall-socket.
  • Includes a backlit LCD for status and tuning.


  • Very durable and can withstand rain and small splashes of water.
  • Radio range is just above average, which is great.
  • More ways to charge this emergency radio.
  • Can charge small devices like smartphones and any electronic devices with a micro USB.


  • The batteries are not replaceable.
  • This radio is not a weather radio and would only prompt you of incoming weather when it is turned on.
  • Some of the accessories are not sturdy; that includes the carabiner and the antenna.
  • It does not show battery status.
  • A little bit expensive.

Eton FRX5

As the last one in our countdown, but certainly not the least, is the Eton FRX5. Below are the list of the things you must consider for this seemingly waterproof emergency radio.


  • For the Eton FRX5’s tuning, it provides a wide range of stations, including AM, FM, and NOAA weather settings.
  • Provides both S.A.M.E and NOAA weather advisory.
  • The radio has a 2000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery as a power source.
  • Has a digital well lit tuner and status display.
  • Provides a water-resistant casing.
  • Bluetooth ready for your smartphones and other Bluetooth ready devices.
  • Provides a USB 5v-2.1A output.
  • Includes a mini high efficient solar panel.
  • Provides LED flashlight, with a morse code setting.


  • Great cranking benefits; provides 13 minutes of power in a 2 minute cranking, which is above average.
  • Battery life is one of the longest in the field, overall providing 15.
  • The volume of this radio is spectacularly loud, providing 90 dB per meter.
  • Water-resistant.


  • The charge-time of the radio is just average, which is 5.5 hours maximum.
  • This device is very expensive for a survival radio.


The Top 3 Best Waterproof Emergency Radios have now been concluded.

Most of these radios can withstand major splashes and would still survive, so overall, these Top 3 radios are the best ones in the market! Everyone should have them as you’ll never know when a tragedy will strike and most of the basics are currently not in reach! If one should be willing to acquire a Waterproof Emergency Radio, please consider the tips from this article for your convenience, and most of all, survival! So, have you picked your desired radio?

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