Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio Review

You can never be truly prepared when it comes to natural disasters. Storm, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes can cause significant damage to any area. Even if you prepared everything for an upcoming natural disaster, you won’t be able to assess its damage unless it is done ravaging a specific area. When it comes to these emergencies, you need to have the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio.

Eton American Red Cross FRX3 is a hand turbine AM/FM/NOAA weather alert radio equipped with LED lights and a USB port which can provide you the power you need in case of emergencies. You can also use it to tune in to weather reports if you are stuck in a specific area. To learn more about it, we’ve curated a detailed Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio review.

Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio

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Eton managed to create an amazing tool that can definitely help you in case of emergencies. It is claimed that the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio is one of the most important gadgets you need to have if there are any natural disasters in your area. Whether it is a typhoon, tornado, or an earthquake, this tool has different features that can help you in times of need.


If you know what is currently happening in your neighborhood, you can always be prepared for any kind of weather condition, and that is, plus more, what the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio promises to offer through its:

  • Weather Condition Monitoring

The Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio is a preparedness radio with AM/FM, as well as seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather band stations. There is also an alert system in this tool that would automatically broadcast weather alerts, like tornadoes and typhoons, in the area. As such, you will always be updated about the weather in your place even if there is no internet connection or phone line.

  • Sources of Power

One of the best features of this gadget is its sources of power. Apart from the installed rechargeable batteries that you can charge via an electrical outlet, you have three other choices.

The first one is solar power. You can put the gadget in the sun for several hours to charge it, allowing you to use the flashlight and radio function for a few hours.

You can also use the hand turbine to recharge the gadget. This is practically the best power source because even if there is no sunlight or it is raining hard outside, you can charge the radio manually. You can also keep AAA batteries to use in case of emergency because it will be an immediate source of power.

  • USB Port

The Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio also provides a renewable power source for different devices through its USB port. As long as your specific gadget has USB capabilities, the radio can serve as a power bank.

You simply need to plug your mobile phone to the USB port via a USB cord, and it will charge your device automatically. What is better is that the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio package includes a mini-USB cord.

  • Entertainment

The product offers more than just an AM/FM radio and a mobile phone charger because there is also an AUX-input if you want to play your favorite music. After charging your phone, you can connect it to the radio and play the music from your phone.

  • Bonuses

Since the company aims to provide a useful emergency device, the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio also has an emergency beacon, a glow-in-the-dark locator, and an LED flashlight. You are also assured that you will have no trouble using the product since it has illuminated buttons and a backlit display. Additionally, the radio also comes with an alarm clock, which you can use daily at home.


  • Different charging options
  • Multi-purpose
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Can be used in the dark


  • Solar charging is not too efficient
  • Batteries not included


The Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio is definitely a must for any household, especially if you are living in an area where tornadoes and typhoons are prevalent. This gadget can be a lifesaver in case of emergencies, as its basic features are beneficial for such situations.

In cases of a power outage and (or) zero to no network connection, the AM/FM and NOAA stations will help you know the latest weather updates. Thus, you can make ample preparations if a flood or other emergencies will happen in the area.

The flashlight, beacon indicator, and locator will also be beneficial once it gets dark or you need to be rescued. If your phone’s and other gadget’s battery runs out and you need to ask for help, you can charge them via USB using the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio.

You will also not worry about the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio running out of power since you don’t have to rely on an electrical outlet alone. You can use the hand turbine or install three AAA batteries, which you need to purchase separately. It can also be charged using solar power, but it will not be that efficient.

Comparison with Another Radio

As you can already note from the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio review, it is indeed one of the best radio devices for emergencies, but if you are in a tight budget, the Eton American Red Cross FRX2 Emergency Weather Radio might be a good consideration. However, since it is more affordable, you will expect that some features are missing.

The Eton American Red Cross FRX2 Emergency Weather Radio also includes AM/FM and NOAA band stations where you can get weather updates in your area. It also has multi-charging options, including a hand turbine, solar power, and an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

As a smaller and lighter radio, you can also charge your device’s batteries since it comes with a USB port. It also has a headphone port, a flashlight, and a glow-in-the-dark locator. However, it doesn’t have a beacon indicator and a modern backlit screen. Additionally, the Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio lasts longer when it is adequately charged as compared with Eton American Red Cross FRX2 Emergency Weather Radio.

Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio Review: The Verdict

The Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio is a great addition to your emergency and outdoor adventure arsenal if you want to make sure that you have some of the basic tools you would need during natural disasters and emergencies.

The radio can guarantee that you are always updated. Its battery is reliable, and you can charge it anytime, even if there is a power outage. It also serves as an entertainment tool, alarm clock, and charger.