Best Emergency Radio for Hiking: Our Top Picks

Spending all your time sitting or moving around in the office can take a toll on your physical health and mental well-being. It can slow down productivity levels and cause you to lose your edge.

Devoting even a few hours or a couple of days hiking helps to rejuvenate your mind and rekindle your spirit. The green scenery and fresh air will help clear your mind and prepare you for the coming week.

Before heading out into the wild, though, be sure that you have all the necessary supplies, including the best emergency radio for hiking. The last thing you want is to unwittingly head out for your outdoor adventure with bad weather looming in the distance.

Unlike cellphones, weather radios are self-sufficient as far as power goes, so they won’t die on you. We reviewed some of the top emergency radios to take with you when going for a hike, in case you are searching for one.

Best Emergency Radio for Hiking: Our Top Picks

By having a reliable emergency radio while you hike, you will receive fresh weather updates every step of your way. That allows you and your friends to stay safe wherever you are. These products also come in handy when you need light during the nighttime, as well as entertainment.

We’ve picked out three of the best radios in the market and looked into each of their features, pros, and cons.

1. Esky Portable Emergency Weather Radio

As it’s designed with extreme weather in mind, the Esky weather radio will see you through the worst rainstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, fires, and more. The durable, rugged, and water-resistant design shrugs just about anything Mother Nature throws its way.


The ultra-bright built-in 140-lumen flashlight gives you the courage to plow through the darkness to get to the safer ground without losing your step or tumbling down. A lanyard attachment secures that bit-sized radio to your hand to ensure that it’ll never escape your grip no matter what.

Its lightweight nature and sleek design ensure that it never takes up space in your suitcase, trunk, or backpack. That lets you take weather notifications with you wherever you go. Likewise, the AM/FM capabilities enable you to catch your favorite radio shows and avoid boredom as you wait for the weather to clear.

The product has tree charging options, namely solar, USB, and a hand crank to ensure your radio will never leave you high and dry. Additionally, the rechargeable 1000 mAh battery will resuscitate your smart gadgets when they run out of power. Recharging them is as easy as plugging them into radio with a USB cable, allowing you to stay in touch with your loved ones.


  • Designed for the extreme weather
  • Compact design
  • Comes with a user manual
  • Different ways to charge
  • Multipurpose


  • Limited stations

2. Kaito KA500 Weather Alert Radio

If you’re going for an extended outdoors trip or just like to be well prepared for any emergency, then the Kaito KA500 emergency radio is for you.


This radio has an impressive six charging options: manual, solar, three AA batteries, USB, AC/DC, and built-in replaceable battery. It also has impressive coverage of FM, AM, and seven NOAA weather channels, and two-band shortwaves. Thus, the product expands your entertainment options to include talk-shows, sports, and breaking news in addition to the weather forecast and civil warnings.

Additionally, darkness is not an issue when you have this emergency radio handy as it includes an LED flashlight. The five-LED reading lamp lets you catch up on your latest read before turning in for the night. It also has a red SOS beacon light which comes in handy when you’re in a tight situation that calls for the intervention of rescue services.

Since it’s made of premium water- and impact-resistant ABS material, the unit is just as reliable in the outdoors as it is indoors. It’ll handle all your outdoors forays without sustaining any damage that can interfere with its performance.

An integrated telescopic antenna of up to 14.5 inches improves the emergency radio reception capabilities by giving it pinpoint tuning accuracy. It also comes with a topnotch speaker system with fantastic sound output.


  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors
  • Multipurpose and durable
  • Multiple charging options
  • Available in different colors


  • Wall power adapter and batteries sold separately

3. RunningSnail Emergency Hiking Radio

The newly redesigned Runningsnail radio is a useful companion when venturing outdoors or just as part of your disaster preparedness.


The product comes with three rechargeable methods to ensure that you’ll never run out of power during an emergency. You have the option to crank it by hand, charge using a USB cable, or use the inbuilt solar panel.

The Runningsail scans the NOAA channels for weather alerts and has AM/FM capabilities to increase your music listening options, as well as to listen to the latest hazard and weather information. It also has a long-lasting and powerful LED, which is a perfect companion when you need to find your way in the darkened outdoors when hiking, camping, or backpacking.

Its 1000 mAh rechargeable battery serves as a power reserve for all your electrical gadgets. Thus, no more worrying about your phone’s battery dying out as you can attach it directly to the radio without needing an adapter.


  • Water resistant
  • Multipurpose
  • Small and lightweight
  • Multiple charging options
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty
  • Doesn’t require an adapter to charge smart devices


  • Only available in red

The Verdict

The Kaito KA500 Weather Alert Radio emerges as the clear winner for the best emergency radio for hiking not just for its rugged good looks. This emergency hiking radio offers you unparalleled convenience when taking on the great outdoors.

Not only do you have an option of six recharging methods, but the receiver is practically weatherproof. It’ll serve you all the weather alerts without limiting your listening options to keep you well entertained.

If the rugged appearance of the Kaito KA500 doesn’t quite appeal to your taste, and you are on a tighter budget and want every accessory included, the RunningSnail will be your second best choice. Although power options are limited as compared to Kaito, it can operate with just one battery while still providing you entertainment and latest weather and hazard information.