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Eton American Red Cross FRX3 Radio Review

You can never be truly prepared when it comes to natural disasters. Storm, earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes can cause significant damage to any area. Even if you prepared everything for an upcoming natural disaster, you won’t be able to assess its damage unless it is done ravaging a specific area. When it comes to these […]

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Sangean CL-100 Review

During typhoons, earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters, information dissemination is critical. However, if you run out of power, your phone signal dies, and you don’t have any means of getting the information from the natural disaster office. Thus, you won’t have any idea what is happening outside and if there are other warnings that […]

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Midland ER310 Review

A disaster can strike at any minute. You can be driving home on a dark road when your car seizes up and dies on you. Or you could be at home and Mother Nature decided to unleash one of her furious minions. Suddenly, you’re plunged into pitch darkness as a tornado or an earthquake come […]

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How to Find Radio Frequency

Radios have been a useful tool for many decades. Even though not as popular as in the past, everyone must have heard the radio at least once in their lives. Being one of the first amazing inventions of the last decade, many of us often wonder: what are radio frequencies, and how to find radio […]

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How to Program Weather Radios?

Weather radios have helped saved many lives over the years because of how efficient they are. While the world may have progressed to get alerts on their cellphones or smartwatches, it is always safe to have a functioning weather radio. All you need to know is how to program weather radios, and you’ll be good […]

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