What Kind Of Radio For Emergency Would Save You From Disaster?

What Kind Of Radio For Emergency Would Save You From Disaster?

Listening to the radio is fun and worthwhile for a few people even though it may seem old technology today. With the advancement in technology, the radio, as we know it, seems like an artifact already.

But behind that vintage gadget is a great feature we can count on. Believe it or not, it can be a reliable device in times of emergencies.

What kind of radio for emergency should you have?

Well, it will depend on what type of emergency there is. For every scenario, for every terrain, there is a right radio for you. Let’s discuss which type of radio you should have in every kind of situation; its advantages in different disasters.

Emergency Radio Communication

We may not appreciate the radio that much, but in times of critical situations where there is no clear cellular reception or other means of communication, the radio is a good medium to send and receive messages.

It might look like an old or a distant technology, but when all else fails, this old trusty gadget can save lives.

What Kind of Radio For Emergency Should You Use?

In the wake of disasters and natural and manmade calamities, a radio transceiver can mean survival depending on your emergency. Contrary to the notion that the more feature a gadget has, the better, in cases of emergencies, a multiple-function gadget is highly unlikely.

The primary reason is that there is a higher chance that it will easily be battery-drained. And we can’t emphasize enough how important battery charge is during calamities.

Two-Way Radio Transceiver

A two-way radio transceiver is a radio unit that can both send and receive signals. It’s the one you see some policemen or other uniformed officials carry with them most of the time.

Yes! The black radio with an antenna that goes static every time they talk to another person on the other side.

This radio enables you to monitor news or weather updates, and make contact with certain emergency channels to call for help. This is the best radio you could have when you are out on a nature trip such as the beach, the mountains, or the seas.

Since we can’t be sure that nothing will go wrong during your vacation or trekking activity, your survival kit must have a two-way radio.

Battery Operated Radio

A rechargeable radio can last for hours on a single charge. If you will be on a vacation or camping, a battery-operated radio is got to be your best choice. Some models are handy, and lightweight that you won’t even feel the weight difference in your luggage.

Other models are compact, and they come with regular battery slots so that you can still use them when there is a power outage. These are great for tuning in to local radio stations during emergencies.

Hand Crank Radio

A hand crank radio is usually tiny and consumes very little space in your bag. An ultimate survivalist may prefer this over other kinds of radios because of its portability, although several cranking might be needed to power up this thing.

In case of power outage at home, you may also find this little emergency radio useful.

Solar Power Emergency Radio

A solar powered radio is equipped with miniaturized photovoltaic cells that harness and store the power from the sun. This small cell powers your emergency radio in case you are out of battery during mid-day.

They may not be able to recharge as fast as a wall charger, but they come in really handy especially in remote areas where there is no wall socket available around you.

Water-proof Radio

A few years back, a water-proof feature is something we want our electronic gadgets to have. Today, this feature is one of the defaults of handheld electronic gadgets.

A water-proof emergency radio is very useful in times of torrential rains and floods.

A few splashes even a few seconds of being submerged in water will not damage this radio easily.

Shock-proof Radio

Like the water-proof feature, the shock-proof feature has become one of the default features of most handheld gadgets.

If you are out on a bumpy ride and need an emergency update, you can operate this radio in extreme environments without the fear of breaking it easily when it falls. This adds up to the durability and value of the radio.

Miscellaneous Features

The features mentioned above are some of the most useful qualities of an emergency radio. Sophisticated and high-end emergency radios try to place all of these in a single device to maximize its usefulness during emergencies. But wait, there’s more.

Voice Recorder

Some high-end emergency radios have memory card slots and a direct audio recording feature to help you document what is happening around you during calamities or disasters. This can help you record, evaluate and review what had happened and formulate a more detailed plan of survival in case the same calamity happens again.

USB Charger

Aside from storing power to be used for the radio, some modern radios have a high charge capacity and a USB power output, which can be used to charge cellular phones. This is very handy and can help you keep your cellular lines open so you can call for help or give updates to your loved ones.

Music Player

To make your time worthwhile during power outages, you can upload songs on your memory card and play them on your radio. However, your emergency radio may not be familiar with the new formats of audio files. Stick with the old formats to make sure they will be read by your radio.

Bluetooth Connectivity

Lastly, there are radios with Bluetooth connectivity that enables you to play music and audio files from your cellular phone. This can keep you occupied until the power is restored or until the rescuers arrive.

Maximizing Survival

No matter how prepared you are for your trip, calamity and disaster will catch you off guard. Nothing can prepare you 100% for what’s about to happen, the least you can do is to have an open communication line which can lead to higher chances of survival rate.

What kind of radio for emergency should you have? Anything will do as long as it can update you. Even the flimsiest radio can mean your survival in cases of disasters.

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