Sangean: H201 – Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio Review

Sangean: H201 – Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio

Nowadays, schedules of our daily lives just keep getting tighter and tighter, and until the end of the day we only have a few moments to ourselves! So as a result, we keep missing our radio talk shows, soaps and news information. Some of us even bring pocket radios with them everywhere they go, so they won’t miss any of the latest news and gossips as well as music for entertainment.

As our knowledge evolves and further accelerates us to the future by means of making our life easy through the latest technology, engineers in Sangean have revolutionized and leveled-up the emergency weather radios and turned it into something new altogether.

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B000I3F91O” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]Sangean: H201 AM/FM/Weather, Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio[/easyazon_link] is the latest technology from the Sangean Company! This highly capable radio keeps you informed and entertained virtually everywhere, especially at the shower, hence its specifications and waterproof capabilities.

If one is interested in acquiring the Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio, please consider the features that are listed below.

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  • Tuning – The Sangean: H201 Shower Radio includes a very good tuning operation. With its 10 preset stations, AM/FM/Weather (NOAA) stations and auto-seek capabilities, you can search radio stations with just a click of a button while you do something else in the process, all of which is also displayed on a backlit LCD screen for status purposes.
  • Power Source – For the Sangean: H201’s power source, it relies mainly on its two D cell batteries that can be replaced when it’s out of power.
  • Waterproofing – The Sangean: H201 is absolutely waterproof, with JIS7 waterproofing standards, this radio has a marine grade waterproofing capabilities, and so, it can be brought anywhere and to any environment, including the showers, the beach, fishing along the lake or the sea. Furthermore, the speakers and the buttons are also protected to prevent water from seeping in, ensuring the safety of the device from water.
  • LCD Display – The LCD of the Sangean: H201 includes the current time, current station tuned-in to, pre-set stations, frequency band, battery status, volume, and a timer.
  • Additional Features – One of the added features of the Sangean: H201 is the included timer; the timer can be set prior to the end of your use and it switches off automatically and hands-free. It also includes an antenna for better reception. The Sangean: H201 also includes an LED Torch just in case the lights go out or are currently not available. More features include an emergency buzzer, a hanger or bracket, and a hand strap.


  • The presets in this Shower radio offer quick switching between stations, and of course, with the aid of the auto-seek and push button feature, this makes this shower radio convenient.
  • Absolutely waterproof; with JIS7 waterproofing standards, you don’t have to worry about dropping this shower radio in a bucket of water.
  • Includes an LCD screen for easy reading in terms of accuracy.
  • Includes a bracket for the purposes of hanging if somehow needed.
  • Very convenient and versatile.
  • Slightly expensive but great value for the money.


  • As for the cons, this shower radio is quite heavy and bulky, and consumes more space than other following brands.
  • Runs completely on alkaline batteries which is not a good feature for a portable radio, let alone when you’re completely out of replaceable batteries.
  • Also, batteries are not included.


The Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio offers a lot more features than originally thought. It possesses great functions from the LCD screen, to the waterproof capabilities it garners.

The best feature of the Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio is mainly its waterproofing, knowing it is the only credible waterproof radio, while others are only water-resistant. Even so, the cons are still present; this includes its bulkiness which is somehow a minor issue with regards to placing it above the toilet or on top of the medicine cabinet.

The main issue is it consumes much space; this is why it has a hanger installed so that you can hang it when you can’t place it. Another concern is its power source (most radios run on rechargeable batteries) as it’s only running with disposable batteries. Even with the cons present, overall this is still a great Waterproof shower radio.

Possible Alternatives

Possible alternatives for the Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio must surpass most of its cons and have all its pros, so a perfect alternative should have a good price and good functionality. For the Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio’s functions, nothing could ever beat its awesome capabilities, and that would be the waterproofing one.

A perfect alternative for this shower radio is the Eton line up, but this would only focus on a few features, including a rechargeable battery. Eton’s emergency radios are only water resistant and cost far more than Sangean: H201 Waterproof Shower Radio. Therefore, there isn’t a perfect contender for this radio at the moment.


Overall, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B000I3F91O” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]Sangean H201 AM/FM/Weather, Digital Tuned Waterproof Shower Radio[/easyazon_link] is obviously a great radio, especially in its versatility regarding the environment to which it is currently on. No other brands or leading brands can battle its waterproofing capabilities, and with its cost, it’s simply a great value. The Waterproof Shower Radio will fit all of your needs and obviously you need not to worry about getting the device wet. Overall, it’s a great radio with a great price!

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