Portable Emergency Radio

Portable Emergency Radio

Nowadays, modernization and technological evolution has been widespread all over the world. Communication has also developed from letters to telegrams, beepers, cellular phones, e-mails, and a number of applications you can now download from the internet.

In fact, the internet is gradually becoming the main source of communication globally from facts to opinions. Because of this, a humble radio has also been developed to fit human needs when it comes to getting information fast and easy.

After all, radio is still considered one of the best devices to deliver communication anywhere in the world. Not everyone can afford a fancy phone or internet service providers, heck even a television. And even if they could, what happens when nature strikes?

Wouldn’t it be better if you had a device that can continue to give you news, information, entertainment when there is a black out? This is exactly what you can get and more when you have a portable emergency radio.

A portable emergency radio has features that can aid the user mainly when there is a natural disaster. Through the information that you can gain from having this radio, you can prepare yourself especially if your area has been identified as a danger zone.

You can act fast and ready your survival kit. In addition, having a portable radio can have you remain updated regarding the current situation of your area and other places where you may have other relatives affected.

Features of a Portable Emergency Radio

Like any other device, portable emergency radios are made with different features and capacities. The user needs to know the important features needed to have in a portable emergency radio. If desired he or she can pick out a product with add-ons for his or her convenience.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

The portable emergency radio that can buy from the store should be capable of receiving NOAA’s alerts and other related broadcasts. Basically, when this feature is present, you’re all set. You may need nothing more but simply information from the NOAA especially during emergencies.

Public Alert

When scanning through emergency radios, take a look at the logos of the device. Since we talked about NOAA, make sure that the radio you are taking home has “NOAA NWR All Hazards” written on it. Another thing is “Public Alert”.

These are one of the essentials you need to see in order to ensure that you are getting an emergency radio that will surely benefit you. Either of the two logos is accepted since the National Weather Service and NOAA are checking them all together.

Frequency Bands

Some other features the user might want are to be able to tune in to his or her local radio channel to alternative frequency bands. This type of feature is essential if you think about utilizing other bands or the two-way communication method equipped in the radio.

Specific Alert Message Encoding

Also known as SAME, specific alert message encoding is a very advisable feature when buying your own portable emergency radio. The user can set criteria on receiving particular alerts in an affected area or simply setting your radio to receive alerts solely in your country or city. It really depends on the buyer.

Power Source

What good is having a portable emergency radio when the emergency comes and you can’t even use it because there is no power? It is vital that the user understands how the radio can easily drain power. It is very important that batteries remain charged.

It is also good to note if the radio has a plug so that whenever it runs out of battery, you can easily plug it in. In addition to that, the radio plug should be able to adapt to different or various power outlets. When all else fails, it is an advantage if your radio is capable of re-charging with a hand crank.


There are portable emergency radios that can be re-charged by a hand crank. Some are also capable of solar panel charging which is very convenient for users in areas with constant sunlight.


Features like add-ons depend one whether the user wants or needs more from his or her portable emergency radio like a multiple power supply outlet or torch light. The more add-ons you use, the faster the radio will drain its power so is is best to be prepared and always charge your radio.

Benefits of a Portable Emergency Radio

From the name, portable emergency radio, one of its benefits is being portable and easy to take anywhere or carry around. Its size is also great for putting it on counter tops, kitchen tables, living rooms or absolutely anywhere in the house or office for easy access. When you need to store your radio, it can easily fit in drawers or cabinets.

Next is that it is designed to assist users during times of emergency, particularly during a natural disaster like earthquakes, tornados or hurricanes. The portable emergency radio is equipped with features specifically for those kinds of scenarios or periods when important information is greatly needed.

The sticker that goes on the portable emergency radio as previously mentioned means the radio is able to acquire local broadcasts and public alerts.

Additionally, they come with indicators for users with disabilities like the visually impaired and hearing impaired persons through visual lighting signals or vibrating signals whenever an alert is sent.

All in all a portable emergency radio is built for the safety and security of people whenever a natural disaster hits their area. It is built not only for normal people but also for ones with disabilities, making it a must in every home.

The information and other benefits that this device can offer may be more than just knowledge to the user but might even save his or her life.

If you are looking for an ideal emergency radio, you can find out different reviews about emergency radio products here.

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