Eton Weatherband Scorpion II Review

Eton Weatherband Scorpion II Review

Disaster strikes without warning, and it often takes away the simplest luxuries of life that we take for granted. Now, we may not be able to predict the consequences of every hurricane or cyclone that hits the city, but we can prepare ourselves for such an event.

One of the most common consequences of bad weather includes loss of communication from the outside world. In some cases, the internet and television signals are both compromised.

In such a time, having an emergency weather radio on hand could be a blessing. Here’s an excellent weather radio with all its details and specifics for you to check out.

Eton Weatherband Scorpion II

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An emergency weather radio is not something you will need to use every day. The ideal one should be affordable, easy to use, durable, and must have a good shelf life. You will find all of these qualities in the Eton Weatherband Scorpion II.

Eton is a U.S.-based brand that is known for its high-quality, hand-crank emergency radios. Founded in 1986, the brand now offers an impressive range of radios and other emergency products.


The Eton Weatherband Scorpion II is one of the recent additions to this brand’s products, and probably the best one. Let’s see if there’s any truth to these claims.

  • Functionality

The Eton Weatherband Scorpion II is a small, portable weather radio that is quite heavy for its size. However, this is because it uses durable materials to make the device long lasting.

The radio uses modern technology and can receive FM, AM, and NOAA signals. It also comes with an easy-to-use manual, allowing you to start using its features without any issue.

  • Options to Charge

The options to charge your radio actually set apart emergency radios from traditional radios. In the case of Eton, you can charge it using a solar panel, a hand crank, or a USB wall adapter.

As the brand specifically is known for its hand-crank radios, this emergency charging option works perfectly when you don’t have access to electricity or sunlight. This feature makes the radio perfect for emergencies.

However, using the crank too often is not recommended. Make sure you are using this method when it is an absolute emergency.

  • Durability

If you make it a point to use the hand-cranking method as less as possible, your radio is sure to last you long. Apart from that, it is water-resistant and shockproof. This means that you can carry it around in rough weather conditions without worrying about damaging it in any way.

  • Reception and Clarity

Furthermore, this device picks up all of the alerts from nearby stations with flawless clarity. The radio is also perfect for constant weather updates and alerts. Also, the sound quality excellent.

We have rigorously tested it during thunderstorms and other weather conditions to ensure efficient working in all conditions.

  • Battery Power

In addition, this emergency weather radio can easily work for 24 hours and more on a full charge. We mentioned that it has a versatile range of charging options as well, so you can be worry-free about going low on battery if you’re stuck outside.

  • Notable Points

Unfortunately, the headphone jack of this radio is not reliable. You might want to ditch your privacy if you want to listen to the radio on this little critter. You can also connect your smartphone on to it and make use of multiple options.


  • Long battery runtime
  • Good sound quality
  • Can easily pick up a large number of different stations
  • Multiple charging options
  • Compatible to smartphones


  • The headphone jack is not reliable
  • Not suitable for daily, rugged use
  • Slightly expensive

Summary of the Features

The Eton Weatherband Scorpion II is perfect for what it claims to do: deliver flawless information in times of emergency. It has a cutting-edge, three-way charging system that ensures that you do not remain helpless if the battery ever runs out.

Overall, it is an excellent weather radio for three major reasons: multiple charging options, long battery runtime, and easy coverage. These advantages make you overlook any of the cons it may come with, like an unreliable headphone jack.

Comparison with a Similar Emergency Alert Radio

Now, when making the ultimate choice for yourself, you wouldn’t solely settle for our word, right? To make sure you make an informed decision, here’s another excellent emergency alert radio, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00176T9OY” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]Midland WR120B[/easyazon_link].

Midland is a well-known radio brand, so we decided to put the two together for a faceoff to see which one fares better.

  • Cost

The very first difference we see is, of course, the price. The Midland Emergency Alert Radio costs slightly less than the Eton Scorpion II. Do the features hold up at a lower price point, though?

  • Which one is better for emergencies?

The Midland radio does not have a hand-cranking charging method like the Eton Weatherband. This means that when you face a power shortage, it has no back up for you to rely on.

Also, it cannot connect to smartphones and does not have a flashlight either. Hence, you will either have to compromise nighttime visibility or carry an extra flashlight with you.

  • Similarities

There are some similarities and a few features that the Midland has, but the Eton does not. These include warning alerts and customizable alerts. Midland Radio has a built-in clock as well. Both radios have a digital display, an extended battery life, and the ability to pick up all local radio stations.

The Midland may be a little more durable than the Eton radio, but if you’re looking for a reliable solution, and good value for your money, the Eton Weather Radio is the choice for you.


Wrapping this up, the [easyazon_link identifier=”B00WS6SKTM” locale=”US” tag=”5i20-20″]Eton Weatherband Scorpion II[/easyazon_link] as an excellent radio. It has an efficient coverage of the most important weather channels and is tested with seamless connectivity in dire situations as well.

Similarly, the additional features, such as the charging options, durability, and adjustability, are like cherries on the top. The radio is a bit on the pricey side, but it still offers very good value for money, which is why we highly recommend that you get it for your household.

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