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How to Find Radio Frequency

Radios have been a useful tool for many decades. Even though not as popular as in the past, everyone must have heard the radio at least once in their lives. Being one of the first amazing inventions of the last decade, many of us often wonder: what are radio frequencies, and how to find radio […]

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How to Program Weather Radios?

Weather radios have helped saved many lives over the years because of how efficient they are. While the world may have progressed to get alerts on their cellphones or smartwatches, it is always safe to have a functioning weather radio. All you need to know is how to program weather radios, and you’ll be good […]

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8 Reasons You Need an Emergency Radio

In case you needed reminding, 2017 was a rough year. From Hurricanes Irma and Harvey to the fires in California, to the blizzards in the North East, it was a year-long reminder that bad things do happen. That doesn’t mean you should live in constant fear, however. If you prepare for the worst now, it […]

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